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Flowers are about love, passion, poetry, fun, art, respect, joy, happiness and communication. Flowers have always provided expression for people’s feelings. The gift of flowers have been the subject of study for many years. Rutger’s University has released research that explains the mystery of the human tradition of presenting flowers as gifts. On hundred and forty seven women were presented gifts varying in nature, unanimously 100% of the women flashed genuine smiles and happiness over receiving flowers. The women were interviewed before and after the gifts were presented by psychologist Jeanette M Havilland Jones. She found that a gift of flowers created happiness far more lasting in effect than other gifts.

In our society of materialism there have been arguments that flower gifts have no substance because ultimately they have a shelf life. This argument is not rational when you look at a fine dinner experience disappears after it passes your pallet, or that our time and presence on earth is limited. Life is about what you do while you are here, your experiences and enjoyment that you derive and give to others. Flowers and beauty are not luxuries they are an integral part of the human experience and tradition AND THEY ARE MEANINGFUL!!!!

My job as a florist is to provide custom arrangements that reflect the individuality of the recipient and that honors the senders wishes, while adding ambience to the event. Professional florists insure that maximum life is obtained from the flowers, that the design is magnificent and breathtaking and that we deliver in a professional and timely manner. We love what we do and that love displays itself in our art. We love to make our customers happy and it make’s plain old business sense to do so.

Remember a famous Chinese Proverb

“Flowers leave some of their fragrance in the hand who bestows them.”

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Sincerely and Colourfully,

Karon Fuson
The Floral Revelry Florist