Deck The Halls With Boughs

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Our bounty and selection of foliages that we are privileged to have in Western Canada is envied by many florists the world over. Decorating our houses need not be an daunting task, branches, boughs, rocks, pine cones are all easy to attain. Foliages can be made to look rustic and natural or may provide a welcoming backdrop for a more sculptured colourful plan.

Garlands are easily constructed with boughs of different coniferous trees such as fir, cedar, hemlock, spruce, pine and many more. Bind the boughs together with a very pliable paddle wire, start with one bough and keep adding and binding until you have the desired length. Garlands work beautifully for outside stair rails, adding embellishment to an area that may have just displayed lights. I would suggest that garlands be made for inside no earlier than one week in advance. The boughs have no water source and you will want to maintain their freshness through the festive season.

Holly may be positioned at the corners of pictures that adorn the walls or fireplace hearths. There are many types of holly, variegated, plain, with berries, without, use your imagination to place boughs in areas of desired ambience.

Create displays of various evergreens in flower pots that normally hold summer displays and position them at entry ways to welcome guests. Twigs also look fantastic when placed in a natural uncontrived grouping ascending from flower pots or in your flower beds with lights to show different shapes for evening display.

Fresh foliage and flowers present in a house create an unparalleled ambience. Visit your local florist for ideas for centerpieces that will reflect your individual sense of style for the season. And what do you buy for someone that has it all? My suggestion is a beautifully designed arrangement of fresh flowers to honour and communicate how special they are. Flowers have an extensive reach and there isn’t anywhere in the world that you cannot reach and touch someone with flowers. Whether your budget is large or small, a florist can design within your budget A lasting memory, treasured by all, a guaranteed message of magnificence.

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Sincerely and Colourfully,

Karon Fuson
The Floral Revelry Florist