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Current Buzz - The Promise of Spring

I always feel that after we embrace and celebrate the “Day of Love” which we all know as Valentine’s Day, spring’s enticing rapture captures me for a wonderful journey. I observe the tender spring bulbs sprouting from the earth and know that a rainbow of colour is only weeks away. In January I have already planted pots full of primroses insuring that they are sheltered from winter’s icy grip to keep a reminder of what lays ahead.

Bringing spring into your house is not as difficult as you may think. Spring planter pots are relatively inexpensive to purchase and when presented haphazardly throughout the house, create an amazing explosion of colour. A large basket of blooming spring bulbs placed on the fire place hearth is striking and visually enthralling, just remember to position elsewhere if you light a fire. A gathering of daffodils for the kitchen table brings sunshine in doors creating excitement, warmth and fragrance. Add some branches and rocks to a clear vase with daffodils to create a natural uncontrived presentation.

A walk on a February day could bring a vision of pussy willows gently standing proudly on a bush or tree. Gathering a large presentation of these white fuzzy little buds would look fabulous in a large floor vase arranged in a void corner of your bedroom or living area. Never forgetting that positioning tree branches in your outdoor spring bulb planters can create an illusion of height when flowers with height are clearly not available.

The attraction of tulips in their many varieties offer a wonderful art and line to any arrangement, gracefully bending and reaching in wonderfully artisitic arches. The many cultivars offered and new greenhouse technology, allow the floral industry to acquire these wonderful flowers from December to the end of April , with variety chose limited for May and June. Whatever way you choose to celebrate and welcome spring, flowers are the catalyst. Surprise your mom or that special friend with a wonderful arrangement that speaks to spring and all it’s majesty. Send that “message of magnificence” and let the wonderful tradition of flowers bring happiness to yourself and others.


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Sincerely and Colourfully,

Karon Fuson
The Floral Revelry Florist
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