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Suggestive movement, focal points, linear presence, mass flowers, void space, all of these are considerations given to the art of flower arranging. My intention, is to offer some of the passion and technical regard I use when arranging flowers.

The display must geometrically co-exist respectfully with the environment, all things considered, colour, style, preference, texture and so on. Viewing from all sides, one side, from top, symmetrically balanced or wonderfully asymmetrically unbalanced. Intense thought to vase, container or vessel, and the proportionate or disproportionate size, that will create a most wondrous display. If arranging in water, creating an armature of foliage or twigs assists floral products to stay in position. The use of line flowers such as delphiniums and snap dragons help create aggressive line presence in designs, the eye will have a well trodden path to follow . Design geometry can be predetermined by positioning the foliage in the desired pattern the florist wishes to follow. Roses, daisies, gerberas help the round arrangement to maintain it’s geometric interpretation. Naturally, the use of filler flowers…. baby’s breath, caspia, waxflower help fill void spaces when their existence is not desired. Most importantly, the interpretation or desired look will appear, let your hands create what the mind envisions.

A walk on a February day could bring a vision of pussy willows gently standing proudly on a bush or tree. Gathering a large presentation of these white fuzzy little buds would look fabulous in a large floor vase arranged in a void corner of your bedroom or living area. Never forgetting that positioning tree branches in your outdoor spring bulb planters can create an illusion of height when flowers with height are clearly not available.

Life is never the same after studying flowers and their design principles. I walk through my life with floral philosophy. A walk in the woods is an experience of moss formation, branches and how they move, textures, shades of greens, nature’s presence and performance. Many of the inspirations gathered from my last walk in the woods, is what you will see interpreted in the designs I create that week. Remember berries, twigs and feathers may be used, let your creative inspirations run wild, there is no right or wrong, only best and better. More importantly let your ideas and natural instincts guide you, they are indispensable. Remember experimentation creates opportunities for magnificent discoveries. Flowers are one of many of natures gifts to us, their warmth and character cheer even the most austere situations. Revel in the gift and the ambience flowers present..

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Sincerely and Colourfully,

Karon Fuson
The Floral Revelry Florist
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