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Current Buzz - The Affair of the Rose

"Roses, present in a room can take possession of the viewers inner most thoughts and emotions, making everything else look absurdly small in comparison." (Daphne Filiberti)

Our senses are passionately awakened to beauty that escapes words, while a wide spectrum of feelings and passions are magnificently expressed. The Rose is North America’s favorite flower, with our love affair's charmed beginnings dating to the times of Jesus. A story is told of a little shepherdess distressed and deeply saddened by her lack of a gift to give to the baby Jesus. She wept, as her tears soaked the ground, an angel appeared and tenderly stroked the wet earth where her tears had fallen. With the exalted touch, a profusement of roses blossomed forth. The shepherdess quickly gathered the roses to present to baby Jesus. As soon as the Holy Child saw the flowers, his eyes turned away from the gold and gems that the wise men had presented, extending his tiny hands in the direction of the roses. Even Jesus was inextricably drawn to the charisma of the rose.

Although charming in presentation and appearance, something must be said for our fabulous growers and the challenges they face to produce a premium quality product. A rosebush takes 3 years to produce roses honoured enough to be stamped premium quality. The cycle of production can last from 5 to 7 years with six harvests per annum. Each rose is mature for harvesting between 45 to 57 days from the bud stage forward. Most growers control their greenhouse conditions for stable production quotas. The environmental controls include protective covering over the roof of the greenhouse to regulate light, producing carbon dioxide in the greenhouse to increase growth, measured amounts of fertilizer continuously present in the water supply and heat and ventilation control by computer. Our growers no the exact stage that each variety is ready for harvest. If picked prematurely, roses may not open, timing is everything.

The vase life of a rose is usually 7 to 14 days, dependent on variety, fragrance and care received at all levels in the life cycle. A duly noted fact unfortunately is roses with fragrance do not perform as long as roses with no scent. In my experience roses must always be cut under water to prevent the occurrence of airlocks in the stems and when de-thorning, carefully nip off sharp thorns with cutters, so rose bark remains intact. Roses protected in this way, with a clean disinfected vase, luke warm water, floral preservative, kept away from direct sunlight and extreme heat and cold will perform magnificently for 7 to 14 days.

The language of the rose, briefly expressed. The red rose, love, passion, desire, respect and courage. The yellow rose, friendship, joy, gladness, sometimes sympathy. White expresses innocence, purity, you're heavenly, reverence and humility. Pink, grace gentility, gratitude, appreciation, elegance and refinement. Burgundy, unconscious beauty. Coral or orange, enthusiasm and desire while pale colours convey sociability and friendship. A guaranteed treasure to all who receive them, the rose's majestic prescence embraces all, mesmerizing everyone who looks into the petal's depths. For lovers, friends and everything in between, the rose has an expression, that speaks like no other, revel in the rose's character and magnificent ambience.

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Sincerely and Colourfully,

Karon Fuson
The Floral Revelry Florist
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